The best solution to fight the spam: using anti-spam sofware?

The anti-spam software is the best way to kill spam. They work with the help of pre programmed configurations and filters out spam. Spam is effectively blocked by spam blockers like SpamArrest, Qurb, MailWasher Pro, plus give you a mailbox without spam.

Wondering about the best way to kill spam? Well, spam blockers and anti spam software is the answer. What is the best of them is that they save you the task of manually deleting the junk mails one by one yourself. Not only that, they prevent unsolicited mails from entering your mailbox. You may be taking for the self-made precautionary measures such as housing, a report to the appropriate service provider, sharing your email ID e-mail service only those you know well, using Web-based for other uses, trying to avoid spam bots, setting up your e-mail so that the function of identity is disabled when downloading images. Although they are effective in reducing spam, they are not quite able to eliminate spam from your Inbox. Despite taking all these precautions, you will soon find your inbox full of spam slowly. Thus, the best way out is to use spam blockers.

Different types of spam blockers

A mobile spam filtering solution, SpamArrest it easier for you to check for spam even when you do not have access to your computer. It uses a webmail with a solution of spam filtering. If you use Outlook, then Qurb is the best option. Anti spam for Outlook includes Spam Bully that keeps your inbox free of spam. They work with Bayesian Spam Filter that makes use of artificial intelligence and server blacklists to filter in only wanted mails. Even your IPS offers the easiest way to block spam. Even SpamPal identifies known spammers with the help of spam blacklists.

Some of the other effective spam blockers and filters include Spam Bully, Spam Inspector, and Zaep. eXpurgate makes use of two different electronic identity documents, and works well in filtering spam. POPFile are very effective in categorizing and separating the unsolicited mails from the personal messages. For POP accounts, Death2Spam is extremely effective. MailWasher Pro is secure and time-saving spam filter that also protect your computer against viruses. Some of the other effective spam filters include Spam Bully, Spam Inspector, and Zaep. Another effective spam filter that takes Spamihilator is using Bayesian filters to protect the email accounts some spam blockers to help you stop receiving mail from a particular ID. Killing spam is made really easy with these spam blockers.

Autor: The team of Dai-NoSpam
Published: 10-08-2011 at 20:00 CEST.

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