Explanation of the concept and operation of DaiNoSpam

The concept

Dai-NoSpam is an online Antispam software that involves no installation on your part. In hosted mode (called the cloud these days), our system was designed in 2005. This is a security solution for the transport of electronic mail. This solution was designed and created to do away with unwanted e-mails sent or abusive for many years owners of mailboxes.
We have studied (and continue to do so) all the techniques and systems to combat SPAM to group the best forces in a single solution.

Our customers benefit from DaiNoSpam no longer receive SPAM and do not lose any mail provided important!>

To understand how

As a user protected, your senders will receive during the first exchange a message asking them to peer to authenticate itself on a page of this website. By performing this procedure, your senders senders prove they are human and not a machine that sends mass messages.

You also have access to a management interface that allows you in real time to see what shippers are waiting, you manage your own shippers wait, your trusted list or your banned list.

Many new features are available with our solution to make it perfectly suited to your needs and expectations.

Need more information about this solution?

Please ask for commercial information or technical team that DSI 13 sales this solution. click here



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Published: 01-07-2007 at 23:24 CEST.

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